A journey in photos, video and audio of BABS quartets from the 1970's to the present day.
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QUARTZ PRECISION (gold medal 1989) 
 1st place 1989 Bournemouth

our publicity photo with the winner's trophy and the "Sterling-Burrows" award for highest stage presence marks  ... 

1989 contest finals photo - the first song was "The Great Race" with appropriate characters! 

Quartz Precision at BABS 1988 Convention in Harrogate 1989 BABS Convention finals

 1989 BABS Convention finals - results (Stuart Wineberg announces)

1989 BABS Convention finals - acceptance 

this photo was taken at dinner an hour or so after the quartet was
awarded the gold ....

another convention photo from the 1989 finals

QP at the SPEBSQSA convention in San Francisco 1990 (we came 22nd / 52)


QP in San Francisco 1990 
QP sang at Andy's Wedding (to Kath) another wedding photo
QP also sang at Timmy Mallett's wedding reception QP in 2000 @ Brighton - we reunited for the "Quartet of the Millennium" contest (2nd place)

convention photo 1988

Our club, Crawley Chordsmen, threw a party for us to celebrate the gold. FYI, that's Bob Beckford in the green sweater (from the Beckford Bros 1974 quartet silver medallists)

1988 BABS Quartet semifinals 

1988 BABS Quartet finals 
QP @ 1991 BABS Prelims (mike warmers)

 QP perform on the 1991 BABS Convention Saturday Night Show - featuring the theme from "Neighbours" and "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" !!
MC'd by Ian Taylor.

1990 BABS Convention show - QP performs "The Englishman with his usual Bloody Cold" and the Morecombe & Wise classic "Bring Me Sunshine (Medley)"

1988 BABS Quartet Southern prelims (B/W) 

CD cover "The Great Race"

QP sang at Chris Tideman's surprise birthday party !!

(AUDIO) "The Great Race"

(AUDIO) "All I Need is Just a Girl Like You!"
QP Entered the "Quartet of the Millennium" contest in Brighton 2000 (2nd place)

QP pictured with His Excellency The Honourable Henry E. Catto (United States Ambassador) at a Christmas Dinner held at New Scotland Yard
hosted by Mr. John Dellow, the Deputy Commissioner, and London's senior detectives, December 1989.